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2012 Spring Golf tournament Hodogaya Golf Club

Saturday, March 24th 2012

Hodogaya Country Club once again hosted the C&O for their Spring tournament. This splendid venue – just thirty minutes saunter down the Tomei – remains our favoured ‘home’ ground.

2012 Spring Golf tournament Hodogaya Teams2012 Spring Golf tournament Hodogaya Teams:

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of our stalwart golf organizers Steven Thomas (just elected a member at Hodogaya – congratulations Steven) and Terry Nakamura, Tokyo’s recalcitrant Spring weather failed to deliver which possibly explains the rather slim turnout on this cool, damp March day.

The ten hardy souls that showed up however greatly enjoyed the day’s golf. In such an august setting, grim thoughts prompted by any three putts on the notoriously slick greens are almost invariably banished by the beauty of the plum blossom, the professionalism of the caddies and the warmth of the camaraderie.

Oxford have enjoyed a substantial lead in the ‘University match’ rankings but this time it was Cambridge’s day with the light blues occupying all of the top four slots and thus prevailing by the margin of 44 strokes.

2012 Spring Golf tournament Hodogaya Winner2012 Spring Golf tournament Hodogaya Winner

Simon Dalby won the individual with a polished round of 72 gross. Peter Itoh came second and Alastair Macdonald third.
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2011 Autumn Golf Outing to Shin Numazu Golf Club

Saturday 8th October saw the C&O Golfers group returning to Shin Numazu CC in Shizuoka for the first time since the Centenary Golf Outing in 2005. Our host once again was SNCC member Tomo Imai, who did an excellent job of setting up all the arrangements for the day.

With a number of regular C&O golfers otherwise occupied, for this visit we numbered a modest 10 players, 6 from Oxford and 4 Cambridge. Those in attendance were able to enjoy the golf course in excellent condition, despite a recent period of sustained wet weather. The natural beauty of the course, its surroundings and views over Suruga Bay were remarked upon by all, and surely took our minds off the occasional errant shot or putt.

After the long trip down from Tokyo, the morning nine saw a slow start for most players, although Cambridge stalwart Simon Dalby raced out of the blocks with a one under par 35. A very good lunch of local fare was then enjoyed, along with a glass of beer (or sake for Imai-san) to fortify us for the remaining 9 holes. Indeed 8 players improved on their morning efforts in the afternoon.

When we tallied the results over the traditional post-game party and prize-giving, Simon Dalby was declared the winner with an excellent gross 71, net 69. Trailing by just two shots was Yasuzo Takeno, who was the only other man to play to his handicap on the day, with Alastair Macdonald and Alex Miller close behind in joint 3rd place.

In the Varsity match, Oxford came out as winners by a seven stroke margin, and the historic record now stands at Oxford 23 and Cambridge 16.

Our sincere thanks to Tomo Imai for hosting us at Shin Numazu CC, and to the Club for their warm welcome and gift of excellent locally-produced yoghurt.

The next Spring 2012 C&O golf is planned to take place on Saturday March 25th at Hodogaya CC (subject to confirmation).

Steven Thomas Merton College, Oxford 1979

2011 Summer Golf Outing to Hodogaya Golf Club

The golfing members of the C&O Society were all the more pleased to be able to get together at venerable Hodogaya CC on 16th July for our summer outing. Indeed this golf day had by necessity been rescheduled from the original spring time date, just after the tragic events of March 11th.

Fourteen members and two guests braved some particularly hot and humid mid-summer weather to enjoy the immaculately prepared Hodogaya course and its ever-swift greens. Despite the tough conditions, 10 players broke the 100 mark and 5 recorded scores of 90 or below. Scoring apart, it was an ideal opportunity to renew old golfing friendships, both on the golf course and at the post-game party. At the end of the day, the top placings went to James Lawden in 4th spot, Steven Thomas in 3rd, Ambassador Masaji Takahashi in 2nd place and with Hodogaya member Peter Itoh a clear winner with a net score of 70 (for which his reward was the C&O Trophy and a handicap reduction to 18).

In the Varsity match (4 best scores), a rather strong showing by Cambridge gave them an easy 10 stroke win, with the historic totals since 1989 now Oxford 22 and Cambridge 16. We are already planning the next outing, to Shin Numazu CC on October 8th. Next year we will revert to the regular cycle of Spring and Autumn Golf Meetings.

Steven Thomas Merton College, Oxford 1979

Spring Golf Tournament at Hodogaya Country Club

Spring Golf Tournament at Hodogaya Country Club

November 22 (Mon), 18:30 - 21:00: Chilean wine tasting evening, Tokyo 21c Club

A selection of Chilean wines will be served, along with a buffet meal. Those attending will have the opportunity to order wine, and possibly some other Chilean products, including olive oil, for home delivery.

A maximum of 50 people can be accommodated for this event: please apply early.

Attendance fee: 5,000 yen (payment required in advance; account details and directions to Tokyo 21c Club will be sent to those who apply to attend.)

Dress Code: none

No-shows will not be refunded; nor will those who cancel after the closing date (November 18), unless their places can be passed on.

If you would like to attend this event, please contact Tim Minton (t.minton[at]camford[dot]org) by 3 p.m. on November 18th.

In Memoriam Ryozo Tanaka

Ryozo Tanaka-sanRyozo Tanaka-san

We have the sad duty of reporting the death of a valued member and a dear friend of many of us, Prof. Ryozo Tanaka, professor emeritus of Keio University. He passed away on July 29th, 2010, a month short of his 76th birthday, after only a brief spell in hospital. The funeral was a private family one, but a memorial event (shinobu-kai) was held at the Tokyo Club on September 13th for members of the Cambridge and Oxford Society to pay tribute to Prof. Tanaka and express their condolences to Mrs. Shigeko Tanaka and their granddaughter Hisako. A table was filled with Ryozo’s books, or books with which he had helped or in which he was mentioned, and in addition to a fairly recent portrait, there was a 1958 honeymoon photograph of a very young couple on the steps of Osaka Castle.

Ryozo Tanaka graduated in English literature from the graduate school of Keio University in 1963. His first visit to Britain was in 1968, when he led a group of university students. He subsequently studied English literature and philology at Cambridge University (1973-75). This was the first of many visits to Cambridge, where he was attached to Darwin College; taking a new direction, in 1987 and 1996 he studied architecture and art history, including country houses, under Dr. David Watkin. During these various visits his interest in English country houses had been stimulated, and he visited 300 of them in all. As professor of English at Keio University he used Evelyn Waugh’s novels as textbooks, and after his retirement in 2000 he continued to teach at three other universities. As a result of his studies of country houses he added the history of British and European art to his main subject. He was also chairman of the board of his old school, Azabu, and held this position for eight years until his retirement at the age of 70. During his tenure an exchange scheme of boys between Azabu and Winchester was established.
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2010 Autumn Golf Match at Fuji OGM Golf Club

Ichihara 2010 PanoramaIchihara 2010 Panorama The scene that welcomed our eleven participants as they blinked into the rising sun from the clubhouse early on the morning of Saturday November 6th at Fuji OGM Golf Club Ichihara summed up all that makes golf in Japan at this time of year so magical: a crisp bright morning, a broad vista of lakes, sculpted fairways lined with trees boasting every conceivable shade of Autumnal hues – copper, rust, gold-vermilion - with the sun just starting to burn off gossamer wafts of mist, take the edge off the 7am chill and dry out the dew that carpeted the practice putting green. “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” and it would not have been surprising to have seen John Keats himself stroll around the corner in his plus fours whistling a merry tune, mashie niblick in hand….

Ichihara 2010 WoodsIchihara 2010 Woods The course was in good condition despite the hot blast of August which had put paid to many a more prestigious course’s greens this year. The early start had raised the eyebrows of at least one of our members but once the golf began in earnest all thoughts of sleep were soon forgotten.

We were glad to welcome back Stephen Gomersall whose keenness at golf is now clearly matched by his alacrity at digital photography. Thanks Stephen for your set of photographs which wonderfully capture the spirit of the day. At lunchtime there were few people boasting good scoring apart from Oxford’s Steven Thomas who had stroked it around in a nonchalant one over par gross. The lunch break clearly improved performance with some beer-fuelled comebacks, some imperious striking off the tee from our Hon Sec Terry Nakamura, and random adventures in the countryside from public affairs entrepreneur John Sunley.
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Seated Dinner at The Tokyo Club, 27th October 2010, 18:00 - 21:00

Reception and aperitifs from 18:00; seated dinner from 19:00; after-dinner drinks. A maximum of forty-eight people can be accommodated, so early replies are recommended.

The Tokyo Club: 9-14 Roppongi 1-chome, Minato-ku;
Tel. (03)-5114-0555
(Subway access from Roppongi Itchome and Kamiyacho stations; detailed directions will be sent to those attending.)

Attendance fee: 8,000 yen (7,500 yen for Tokyo Club members)
(Payment required in advance; account details and directions to The Tokyo Club will be sent to those who apply to attend.)
Dress Code: Lounge Suits
No refunds for no-shows or cancellations after the closing date (October 22).

If you would like to attend this event, please reply no later than 15:00 on Friday, 22nd October to Tim Minton, Honorary Secretary (t.minton[at]camford[dot]org). Please indicate whether you and/or any guests are members of The Tokyo Club.

Early Summer Party at the British Ambassador's Residence, Monday 10th May, 2010 (18:30 - 21:00)

This event is full, and we are no longer accepting additions to the waiting list.

By kind invitation of C&O President and British Ambassador to Japan
Mr David Warren, and Mrs Pamela Warren

Footage of the 2010 Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race will be shown at 20:30.

Dress: Lounge suits
No cameras please

Attendance fee: 5,000 yen per person (payment required in advance; the Society’s bank account details will be sent to those who apply; no-shows will not be refunded.)

If you would like to attend this key event in the Society's calendar, please contact Tim Minton (t.minton[at]camford[dot]org) by Monday, 26th April, giving your full name in English and, if applicable, in kanji. Please also state which university/college you attended. Members may invite only one guest to this event.

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