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The Constitution


Article I The name of the Society shall be The Cambridge & Oxford Society, Tokyo.
Article II The object of the Society shall be to provide opportunities of social meetings for Cambridge and Oxford men and women.


Article III The society shall consist of Honorary Members and Ordinary Members.
Article IV Honorary Members shall be elected by the unanimous vote of the Committee.
Article V Ordinary Members shall be elected by the Committee. Applications for Ordinary Membership shall be submitted to the Committee for consideration, together with evidence that applicants meet the conditions stipulated in Article VI.
Article VI Necessary qualifications for Ordinary Membership are as follows:

(1) Residence of at least 9 terms at either Cambridge or Oxford University,


(2) The holding of a degree or a diploma of either University. Residence of not less than one academic year may, at the discretion of the Committee, qualify a candidate for membership.

Article VII Ordinary Members shall on their election pay the subscription for the current year. The annual subscription shall be payable in advance by the fifteenth of January in each year. The annual subscription shall be 5,000 Yen, but this amount is subject to annual review by the Committee.
Article VIII Any Ordinary Member whose subscription falls fifteen months into arrears shall be removed from the List of Members.


Article IX The President of the Society shall be elected by the unanimous vote of the Committee. The terms of the Presidency shall be three years but may be renewed.
Article X A number of Honorary Secretaries shall be elected by the vote of Members at the General Meeting. Together with the President, the Honorary Secretaries constitute the Committee and shall manage the affairs of the Society. Their term of office shall be 3 years, but they shall be eligible for re-election. In the event that an officer of the Society does not complete his/her term of office, the other members of the Committee shall appoint a replacement without calling a General Meeting. Additional officers may be appointed on a provisional basis mid-term if such action is deemed necessary by the committee; any such appointments shall be confirmed by the vote of Members at the next General Meeting. Members wishing to stand for election shall declare their candidacy, which must be proposed and seconded respectively by two Members of the Society, in writing to the Honorary Secretaries no later than twenty-one days before the General Meeting.


Article XI One General Meeting shall be held triennially and notice shall be given to Members of the date at least twenty-eight days in advance. Extraordinary General Meetings may be called when deemed necessary by the Committee. Items on the agenda shall be passed by the simple majority vote of those members in attendance; there is no provision for proxy votes.


Article XII Any Member may invite to ordinary meetings of the Society guests who are graduates of, or otherwise closely connected with either University. One week's notice of intention to invite guests should be given to the Honorary Secretaries.

Note: At the General Meeting held on 20th April 2012, Article X was revised to allow for the appointment of "a number of" Honorary Secretaries rather than the previously stipulated seven. The above version of the Constitution replaces all previous versions and shall remain in effect until any amendments are approved at a General Meeting of the Society.