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(as of April 20, 2012)

Information for prospective members:

We are always delighted to welcome new members to the Cambridge & Oxford Society, Tokyo. Candidates for ordinary membership are required:

(1) to have completed at least nine terms of residence at either Cambridge or Oxford University, and/or
(2) to hold a degree or diploma from either University.

Residence of not less than one academic year at one of the universities may also qualify a candidate for membership.

Candidates must be proposed and seconded by two members of the Society.

The main function of the Society is to provide opportunities for Cambridge and Oxford men and women living in Japan to meet socially. To this end, the Society organises meetings monthly throughout the year, except during the summer and New Year holiday periods. Members' guests are welcome at most of these events, although a very small number are limited to members only. Regular informal get-togethers (members only) also take place on the second Tuesday (6 - 8.30 p.m.) of each month except August at Bar Korin in Courtyard by Marriot Tokyo Ginza Hotel. Our annual golf tournament is usually held at Hodogaya Country Club in the spring, and another golf match is held elsewhere in the autumn. Additional events are arranged to mark visits to Tokyo by dignitaries from the two universities when they occur.

The Society’s Kansai Chapter operates its own programme on its own budget. The Kansai Chapter was re-inaugurated on 6th November, 1998 with a dinner at the Osaka Century Club.

If you wish to apply for membership of the Society, please write to Prof. Timothy Minton, Honorary Secretary, enclosing a completed application form (click here) (the address is given in the form) and documentary evidence that you are qualified for membership (copies of degree certificates, etc.). Application forms that are not fully completed (e.g. any unsigned by two members in good standing) will be neither accepted nor acknowledged. Prospective members without proposers/seconders should contact Prof. Minton (t.minton[at]camford[dot]org) to arrange for an interview with two committee members. Interviews will be held three or four times a year. Applicants will be required to show documentary evidence that they satisfy the Society’s membership requirements. Those who pass this screening will be proposed and seconded by the two committee members.

No entrance fee is payable, but ordinary members elected between January and July are required to pay the full annual subscription of 5,000 yen; those elected between August and December are required to pay half of the annual dues.

The annual subscription is payable to Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Hibiya Branch (“Cambridge Oxford”, ordinary [futsu] account, A/C no. 4545324).

Honorary Secretaries