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2003 C&O Golf Match

On Saturday, 15th March, 14 C&O golf enthusiasts, joined by two guests, journeyed across Tokyo Bay (most at least under the sea via the Aqualine!) to Fuji Country Club Ichihara, for the C&O Spring Golf Meeting. This was the first time for the Society to try out Fuji Ichihara, a good test of golf designed by Robert Trent Jones, and opinions were generally positive as to the quality and condition of the course and facilities, as well as the chance to take advantage of the group package rate of \25,000 all-in for golf play, all food and drinks.

The early spring weather was not quite what had been hoped for, but the rain held off for the most part. The morning nine saw some steady play from a number of participants, with Sir Stephen, Dalby, Thomas, and our two guests Miko Fordyce and Yamamura-san all scoring around their handicaps or better. A good lunch was enjoyed by all and then it was a return to the course where the strengthening wind in the afternoon provided an extra challenge. Both Dalby and Thomas were blown off course, finally recording the same scores of 81 gross. Our guests were again steady, and finished 2nd and 3rd in the final rankings. However, at the end of the day, it was the President of the Society, and surely one of the keenest golfers, Sir Stephen Gomersall, who recorded the best net score, a solid 73, to take the first place and ownership, until the next time at least, of the C&O Society Golf Trophy. Congratulations again to Sir Stephen.

In the University Match, Cambridge were too strong for Oxford on this occasion and scored an easy victory to edge ahead once again in the historic rankings.

The C&O golf programme is particularly strong for 2003, with a return to Hodogaya scheduled for July 5th and the prospects of a trip to Karuizawa later in the year. All are welcome to join and we look forward to seeing a few more C&O members on the links in future. Thanks always to Terry Nakamura for his organisation of the event.

Flight report b

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General Meeting, Thursday, March 13, 2003.

A General Meeting, chaired by the Society’s President, Sir Stephen Gomersall (Queens’ Cambridge 1966), was held at the New Hall, British Embassy on Thursday, 13th March, 2003, starting at 6:30 p.m. It was attended by 38 Members. The agenda was as follows:

Report on current membership and C&O activities over the past 3 years
Presentation of financial statements for the past three years and the draft budget for the coming three years (2003 ~ 2005)
Presentation of proposed amendments to the Constitution
Election of Honorary Secretaries and Treasurer for 2003 ~ 2005
Election of Members of a Special Committee to prepare a programme of events for the Society’s Centenary in 2005
The General Meeting opened with a speech by the President, in which he emphasized the unique character of the Society as compared with other alumni and British-related organisations in Japan and reaffirmed the Embassy’s support for the Society’s activities.

Mr Teruhisa Nakamura (Worcester Oxford 1964) then gave a brief report on the current membership (Honorary Members: 4, Ordinary Members: 242, as of the end of February 2003) and on the events held over the last three years, outlining the events themselves and the moderately declining trend in attendance, except for the early summer Spouses’ Party hosted by the President.

This was followed by a presentation of financial statements, delivered by Mr Yuhiko Yasunaga (Wolfson Cambridge 1980), who took over the Treasurer’s duties from Mr Masaharu Kurata on 18th February 2003. The Treasurer pointed out that the Society’s cash flow position is robust, even when the anticipated additional expenditure on the Centenary programme (yet to be agreed) is considered, and expressed the hope that the budgets for the forthcoming years would remain within the confines of the limited cash balance and annual subscription fees to be collected from Members.

The lengthiest item on the agenda was a proposal by the outgoing Committee to amend the Society’s Constitution. The proposed amendments and additions were outlined by Mr Timothy Minton (St John’s Cambridge 1977), and two further additions were proposed from the floor following his presentation. One of the major amendments is that, in future years, one General Meeting shall be held triennially (in lieu of an AGM). The revised version was approved by the unanimous vote of those Members in attendance and may be viewed here.

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2002 C&O Autumnal Golf Match

Saturday, 9th November 2002

The day dawned fine and clear, with a gentle breeze, for the dozen participants at the C&O Society's 3rd and final golf outing this year. The venue this time was Kyo Country Club, close to Narita Airport; indeed at times it appeared so close to Narita Airport – being directly beneath the flight path in fact – that a well-flighted approach shot could have caused a major disaster, and several participants decided to avoid this possibility by keeping their shots close to (or even along) the ground. Passengers looking out of the windows could be seen applauding these efforts.

Upon our arrival at the course, a notice warned us that our scores would probably be around 5/10 strokes more than we would normally record, and this turned out, in many cases, to be an optimistic estimate; indeed, Tim Minton, on his golfing debut, could have been forgiven for thinking that this referred to 5/10 shots per hole.

It may have been due to the enormous size and undulating contours of the greens (one of your correspondent's playing partners who shall remain nameless – it wasn't Tim – had a 3-foot putt for a par 4 on one hole and was still putting when we agreed to put him out his misery and record an 8); it may have been because of the large amount of water (no less than 11 holes had water hazards); or it may have been because of the wind which rose to near gale force by the end of play. In any event, all were agreed that it was a very tough course.

We played the 'in' course first, and were perhaps lulled into a false sense of security. Scores on the 'out' half were almost without exception higher, and it is a measure of the improvement in Tim's play that he was one of only 2 players to score better in the afternoon. Play was unfortunately rather slow – not due to any of our groups, it should be said – and we finally finished in quite chilly conditions at around 3.30 p.m., making it quite a lengthy day considering the 9.15 a.m. tee-off; thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.

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C&O Annual Golf Tournament on Saturday, 7th July 2002

"Cambridge draw level at Hodogaya"

C&O golfers were once again most fortunate to play the annual summer tournament at Hodogaya Country Club in Yokohama thanks to the several members who are also Hodogaya members. Hodogaya is a beautiful course that was generously laid out at a time when wide open spaces were available near the capital and is further distinguished by a fine club house designed by C&O member Hidehiro Takaki (Gonville & Caius, Cambridge 1927).

As usual the weather was hot and humid though the heat was tempered somewhat by a steady breeze. In all 19 golfers competed and the light blues were heavily represented with 12 participants including regular guests. The course played long following heavy rain in the days before the tournament and the wind also played its part in preventing anyone from beating par on net scores and the best gross score on the day was an 80 by Simon Dalby (Trinity Hall, Cambridge 1977). The winner on net scores was Mrs Miko Fordyce, a guest representing Cambridge who carded a fine net 73 to win by four clear strokes.

The varsity match (sum of the best four net scores on each side) was also won by Cambridge with a clean sweep of the top four scores bringing the history of the C&O Tokyo golf contest to a 10 -10 draw in the 13 years since records are available.

The next date on the golfing calendar is the Autumn Golf Match planned for late October/ early November and new participants are cordially invited to join in.


2002 Spring Golf

"Cambridge romp home"

This year's Spring Golf Match took place in balmy Spring weather at the Taiheiyo Club, Gotemba Course, on Saturday, 16th March 2002, and was kindly organised by Guy Heald (Queens', Cambridge). The Cambridge's best four beat Oxford's by 30 (net) strokes thus bringing the abridged (records prior to 1989 are not available) history of the Varsity match to Cambridge 9, Oxford 10.

The Taiheiyo' Gotemba Course is one of the best golf courses in Japan and is well known for the Taiheiyo-SMBC-Visa Masters Tournament in which top world pros such as Mr Tiger Woods compete for big prize money. Fortunately we were not under such pressure and our 13 participants, including 2 guests from the Cambridge side, thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful landscape with Mt Fuji in the background throughout the 18 holes (regular tee: 6,818 yards with a 69.7 course rate). The fairways are wide and long but the course is strategically designed with several lakes and guard bunkers. The greens were subtle and fast with the majestic Mt Fuji ever present.

Mrs Ohtawa conquered the tricky greens and the rest of the field to come in as the winner on net scores. Peter Y. Sato (St Catherine's, Oxford) was justifiably delighted to return a two digit gross score, while none of the rest of the field broke 100. Very sad indeed. However, Sir Stephen Gomersall (Queens', Cambridge) must have been very happy with his golf on the day. In spite of the relatively high course rating, his score was second only to that of the winner and apparently was his best achievement ever realised (gross: 103) since he picked up a golf club for the first time three years ago. Unfortunately, many of us missed his fine congratulatory speech since, all of a sudden, most participants had to dash to the Club bus to catch the train back to Tokyo.

Participants were as follows: Sir Stephen Gomersall (Queens', Cambridge), Peter Y. Sato (St Catherine's, Oxford), Yoshi Shimizu (Worcester, Oxford), James Lawden (New, Oxford), Toshi Ohtawa (Addenbrooke's, Cambridge), Taka Hashimoto (Gonville & Caius, Cambridge), Tomo Imai (St Antony's, Oxford), Terry Nakamura (Worcester Oxford), John Sunley (Pembroke, Cambridge), Yasuzo Takeno (Worcester, Oxford), Guy Heald (Queens, Cambridge), Yoshi Ishikawa (Guest-C) and Mrs Hiroko Ohtawa (Guest-C).

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Bounenkai at Takanawa Wakyokan

Friday, 21st December, 2001

This was, as far as we know, only the Society's second official bounenkai (year-end party), the first one having taken place on December 27th, 2000 at Hokkaido in Shinjuku. Both events were extremely successful, so it seems likely that a bounenkai will feature regularly in the Society's programmes in the future.

It is not easy to find a suitable venue at such a busy time of the year, and we are indebted to Professor Makoto Taniguchi (St John's, Cambridge) for securing Takanawa Wakyokan for us. This is a private club for employees of Hitachi Metals, but the atmosphere, while certainly exclusive, is by no means forbidding. We were treated to a splendid buffet meal in the club's main hall, and no pressure was put on us to leave even well after the official closing time of 8.30 p.m.

The sixty or so members and guests who attended were also treated to the company and singing of the 35 members (17 choristers aged 8 to 13, 17 clerks and the Director of Music) of The Choir of New College, Oxford, who took time out of their Japan Tour to attend the party. Mr Teruhisa Nakamura (Worcester, Oxford) welcomed them on behalf of the Society, and Dr Edward Higginbottom (the Organist and Director of Music) replied for the Choir. The latter made the interesting observation that as the boys of the choir are full members of the Foundation of New College, they should be eligible for membership of our Society regardless of whether they attend either Oxford or Cambridge University in the future. We'll be pleased to put this to the test!

The full choir delighted us with three Christmas Carols, and later in the evening the adults of the choir, most of whom are undergraduates at New College, made a more light-hearted contribution of several close-harmony arrangements. We realised once again how important it is for the Society to keep abreast of and participate as far as it can in Oxbridge-related visits to this country.

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Buffet Lunch at New Hall

Wednesday, 21st November, 2001

November is a busy month in Japan but nonetheless a goodly number of members (28) graced the Society's lunch on the 21st held in the New Hall of the British Embassy. Also present were a few guests (5) and, very happily, two "returnees", Mr Martin Blakeway (Trinity, Cambridge) and Mr John Brodie (Christ Church, Oxford). It was a brilliant late autumn day outside and within both wine and conversation flowed. Jane Cooke produced one of her excellent lunches (good English fare, though a lasagna lurked and at which Ms Doreen Simmons [Girton, Cambridge] was seen looking suspiciously). Mr Stuart Jack (Merton, Oxford) welcomed new members (Dr Geynor Sekimori [Darwin, Cambridge], Mr Clement Tam [St Edmund Hall, Oxford], and Dr Francesco Stajano [St John's Cambridge]), and Mr Teruhisa Nakamura (Worcester, Oxford) told us of treats to come. All most enjoyable. The secretaries are to be thanked most warmly for arranging yet another jolly function, and indeed for all their hard work for members.

Hugh David Turner (Christ's, Cambridge)

2001 Autumn Golf "Oxford beat Cambridge"

Saturday, 20th October 2001

For many years the C&O annual golf tournament has continued to take place in early summer at Hodogaya Country Club thanks to the kind invitation of Mr Hidehiro Takaki (Gonville & Caius, Cambridge 1927) and other members. In 1998 and 99, a winter golf match also took place and in 2000, three golf matches were played in February, June and November. The C&O Presidents have always managed to take time out of their busy schedules and participated in each game.

Tradition demands that in any sports match involving the two Universities, the Varsity Match must be competed for and we are pleased to say that the C&O golf tournament has kept up this tradition, with the best four (in some years three) players from each side counting. Net scores are used and, according to the (incomplete) records going into the 2001 summer tournament, the dark blues held a narrow lead with 9 wins to Cambridge's seven.

On Saturday, 16th June 2001 at Hodogaya C.C. blessed with fine weather and amid the usual huge spread of scores and handicaps, the light blues, stirred to action by the prospect of narrowing the lead, beat Oxford by 14 strokes, thus putting them within one match of drawing level in the series in the autumn match.

On Saturday, 20th October 2001, fifteen golfers (7 members each from Cambridge and Oxford and one lady guest) enjoyed a round of 18 holes at "Country Club The First" near Kisarazu, across Tokyo Bay via Aqua Line. It was a dry, warm and sunny day with little wind.

Sir Stephen Gomersall (Queens' Cambridge) and Simon Dalby (Trinity Hall, Cambridge), golf blue and winner of this year's Hodogaya tournament, teed off at 8:33 a.m. Shortly after the first flight headed off, the charming golf debutante Miki Yamada (Wolfson, Oxford) unleashed her 50 yard drive and quickly chased her ball down the first fairway of the 6,500 yard-long course. It was remarked, however, that perhaps the two Cambridge gentlemen in her flight would spare no chivalry, perhaps at the cost of extra shots. Meanwhile, back on the putting practice green, Steven Thomas (Merton, Oxford; Golf blue) appeared almost satisfied with his touch as he contemplated another bout with his long standing rival Dalby.

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