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2011 Summer Golf Outing to Hodogaya Golf Club

The golfing members of the C&O Society were all the more pleased to be able to get together at venerable Hodogaya CC on 16th July for our summer outing. Indeed this golf day had by necessity been rescheduled from the original spring time date, just after the tragic events of March 11th.

Fourteen members and two guests braved some particularly hot and humid mid-summer weather to enjoy the immaculately prepared Hodogaya course and its ever-swift greens. Despite the tough conditions, 10 players broke the 100 mark and 5 recorded scores of 90 or below. Scoring apart, it was an ideal opportunity to renew old golfing friendships, both on the golf course and at the post-game party. At the end of the day, the top placings went to James Lawden in 4th spot, Steven Thomas in 3rd, Ambassador Masaji Takahashi in 2nd place and with Hodogaya member Peter Itoh a clear winner with a net score of 70 (for which his reward was the C&O Trophy and a handicap reduction to 18).

In the Varsity match (4 best scores), a rather strong showing by Cambridge gave them an easy 10 stroke win, with the historic totals since 1989 now Oxford 22 and Cambridge 16. We are already planning the next outing, to Shin Numazu CC on October 8th. Next year we will revert to the regular cycle of Spring and Autumn Golf Meetings.

Steven Thomas Merton College, Oxford 1979
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