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2012 Spring Golf tournament Hodogaya Golf Club

Saturday, March 24th 2012

Hodogaya Country Club once again hosted the C&O for their Spring tournament. This splendid venue – just thirty minutes saunter down the Tomei – remains our favoured ‘home’ ground.

2012 Spring Golf tournament Hodogaya Teams2012 Spring Golf tournament Hodogaya Teams:

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of our stalwart golf organizers Steven Thomas (just elected a member at Hodogaya – congratulations Steven) and Terry Nakamura, Tokyo’s recalcitrant Spring weather failed to deliver which possibly explains the rather slim turnout on this cool, damp March day.

The ten hardy souls that showed up however greatly enjoyed the day’s golf. In such an august setting, grim thoughts prompted by any three putts on the notoriously slick greens are almost invariably banished by the beauty of the plum blossom, the professionalism of the caddies and the warmth of the camaraderie.

Oxford have enjoyed a substantial lead in the ‘University match’ rankings but this time it was Cambridge’s day with the light blues occupying all of the top four slots and thus prevailing by the margin of 44 strokes.

2012 Spring Golf tournament Hodogaya Winner2012 Spring Golf tournament Hodogaya Winner

Simon Dalby won the individual with a polished round of 72 gross. Peter Itoh came second and Alastair Macdonald third.

Simon Dalby, Trinity Hall, Cambridge 1977
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