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Climb up Mt Takao and dinner at Ukai Toriyama

Saturday, 26th May.

The society has organized an annual climb up Takao-san for five years running now. The mountain is close to central Tokyo but feels like the real countryside. The climb in 2006 hit some unpleasant weather, with rain during much of the day. This year however the weather was excellent and the climb very pleasant indeed. We started the climb around 12:30 and made a very leisurely ascent enjoying the scenery and surrounding nature. We chose the route past the waterfall and up the river bank, winding our way around tree roots and descending travellers.

Takao-san climb 2007Takao-san climb 2007

We arrived at the top a little later than normal, having some Soba and beer for lunch. We were joined by Ed Whittaker, who had come separately. We descended in two groups, one taking the chairlift (the cable car was not operating) and the other choosing the road route. We were a little concerned about getting to Takao sanguchi in time to meet the bus, but this proved easier than expected.

We then went off to Ukai Toriyama in two groups and were escorted to a fine room overlooking the pond and waterwheel. The meal of aubergine, grilled chicken and various other delicacies was well received, as were copius quantities of 'bambooo sake'. After the meal we all walked around the gardens taking in the ambience and marvellous vistas, Ukai Toriyama is certainly a truly spectacular place.

We all returned safely to Tokyo after a wonderful day out.

HW, May 2007

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