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Buffet Dinner at Century Court Marunouchi, Nov 15, 2011 (19:00 - 21:00)

This dinner replaces the one planned at the New Sanno Hotel on November 17. It will be C&O's first event at Century Court, which is in the basement of Meiji Semei-kan in Marunouchi. Directions will be sent to those who sign up.

Attendance fee: 8,000 yen, inclusive of food and free flow of drinks
Payment is required in advance; account details will be sent to those who sign up. No refunds will be made to no-shows or those who cancel after the closing date.

If you would like to attend this event, please let Tim Minton know by Thursday, 10th November (t.minton[at]camford[dot]org). Members are welcome to invite one guest each.

Dress code: no jeans/sneakers; ties optional

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