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July 6 2012 Gokurosama Party for Mr Terry Nakamura at Mitsubishi Club

Mr Teruhisa Nakamura (Worcester Oxford 1964) retired from the C&O committee at the Triennial General Meeting held on April 20th 2012, having devoted himself tirelessly to the day-to-day running of the Society for more than 30 years. As a small token of our gratitude for his dedicated service to C&O, we planned a Gokurosama Party (as distinct from a farewell party) in his honour at Kojunsha in Ginza as our main event for June. Unfortunately for us, but happily for Terry, just after the notice for the party was distributed to members, he received and accepted an invitation from the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of Oxford University to the 2012 Encaenia on June 20th. The Gokurosama Party was, therefore, postponed until July 6th when, thanks to the kind arrangements of Mr Buhei Okumura (Trinity Cambridge) and his wife Yuko, it was held at Mitsubishi Club at the top of the Mitsubishi Shoji Building in Marunouchi.

The party was attended by 39 people (including Terry himself and our President, Sir David Warren), all of whom are likely to remember it fondly. Terry with Sir David WarrenTerry with Sir David Warren

The text of the speech Terry prepared for the event constitutes a valuable historical document; it may be viewed on the history page of this site (or click here for the full text).

Gokurosama Party  at Mitsubishi Club, Terry with TimTerry with Tim Minton Needless to say, Terry wasn’t allowed nearly enough time to deliver the whole of this speech at the party, but we did find time to present him with a rather nice carriage clock, together with a photo frame (both engraved) in which, we hope, the group photo below now resides. Gokurosama Party  at Mitsubishi Club Group photoGokurosama Party at Mitsubishi Club, group photo
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