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2008 Spring Golf Tournament at Hodogaya, Saturday 22 March

Hodogaya 2008 Group PhotoHodogaya 2008 Group Photo
The dawn chorus had scarcely subsided under the first shafts of morning light when a perfectly matched group of eight from each university assembled for the first championship of the 2008 season. Led by their respective yokozuna Thomas (Oxford) and Dalby (Cambridge), both teams fizzed with anticipation as veterans Sato (Oxford) and Gomersall (Cambridge) squared off for their first shots from the downy yellow of the first tee. In the absence of lady players, Hodogaya’s soft-bosomed (but always mischievous) nature supplied ample decoration of pink, crimson and white with its vestments of plum, magnolia and camellia, as the four flights led off with the usual competitive intent. Some dallied so deeply within the welcoming bush that scores in excess of 50 were not uncommon, though honours were still pretty even, as the sides negotiated the uphill ninth to come in for a 10.30 lunch.
Hodogaya 2008 FairwayHodogaya 2008 Fairway
The second nine however brought out true form. Dalby, piqued by a few missed approaches in the matinal session, slipped into top gear. The dapper Takeno (Oxford) kept cool, and even Minton (Cambridge), a Hodogaya virgin, negotiated the curves and hillocks as if he had fondled them for years. Cambridge saved a few points in the final stretch due to the lake alongside holes 16 and 17 being drained and “under repair”, but when the final reckoning came, it was probably the steadiness of Oxford’s senior member, Sato, who carded a cheery 44 in the back nine, which gave Oxford their narrow overall victory of four shots for their 17th championship against Cambridge’s 15. As the non-alcohol beer flowed among the driving members, Takeno placed his hands on the coveted individual trophy, and an impromptu committee of elders judged that his swing had been so fluid for a player of middling handicap that the latter was summarily reduced by 5. Accepting this with true British decency, the victor brought proceedings to a close with much deserved thanks to the society’s Secretary for providing the perfect weather and setting for another close and rewarding match.
Hodogaya 2008 Golf playersHodogaya 2008 Golf players
Hodogaya 2008 GolfersHodogaya 2008 Golfers
The next fixture was provisionally set for the weekend of 27 and 28 September.
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