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Dinner at Tokyo Club, 31st October, 2007

By now our members are no strangers to the handsome clubhouse in Roppongi 1-chome, on the same road as the Swedish Embassy, the American Embassy and the Hotel Okura, and almost in the shadow of the gigantic Ark Hills. On Wednesday 31st October 51 Camford members and guests gathered for dinner. The 6:15 for 7:00 starting time gave the early birds an opportunity to socialize over a glass of wine or two; those of us whose work goes on to a little later may have missed the conversation but were kindly allowed to catch up on the wine.

The Tokyo Club is a private and very exclusive club that only a year or two back began to allow outside parties to use the premises, provided that they were arranged by a member, and on this occasion our ‘host’ Terry Nakamura began the evening by reading us our rights, or more strictly, defining the spaces available for our use. Apart from the usual facilities we had a very nice private dining room, and after dinner, the spacious lobby outside for final drinks. Terry stressed that the Library, which was on the same floor, was out-of-bounds to non-Members, but we had, after all, gone there to eat and drink in good company and no-one seemed tempted to trespass.

Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007  - 1Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007 - 1

Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007  - 2Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007 - 2

So that we would know what we were eating, Terry had also kindly obtained a translation of the menu, which was all in French. The food, in whatever language, was right up to the usual standard, though before the dessert the waiters seemed a little bemused to carry away so many untouched salads; it appears that many of the British and British-educated still have not taken to the American custom of serving a salad on the side.

Two new members were introduced (Jenny Barb [Clare Cambridge 1978] and Hisao Shiomi [Faculty of Law, Cambridge, 2002]) along with one returnee (Jason James, King’s Cambridge 1983).

Though the Roppongi premises are now the home of the Tokyo Club, its former site in front of the Kasumigaseki Building has gone through yet another transformation. September 26th saw the opening of the new Tokyo Club Building, partly owned by the club, whose immediate impact is as the home of some up-market restaurants.

Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007  - 3Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007 - 3

Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007  - 4Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007 - 4

Tim and Huw looking far too serious, and Phil thinking of something to say to the photographer.

Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007  - 5Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007 - 5

Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007  - 6Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007 - 6

Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007  - 7Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007 - 7

After the dinner at the Tokyo Club, we moved on to a Nijikai at Aux Bacchanale in Ark Hills. We were a little pressed for time with only ten minutes to last orders. But a very pleasant autumn evening with plenty of wine to keep us going.

Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007  - 8Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007 - 8

Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007  - 9Tokyo Club Dinner Oct 2007 - 9

As before we are grateful to Terry Nakamura for arranging for us to have a very pleasant evening. Now that Tim Minton has also become a club member, perhaps we have a back-up.

Doreen Simmons, 27/11/07

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