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2007 Bonenkai at International House of Japan

As in years past the Society held its End-of-Year party at the International House of Japan in Roppongi on December 19th 2007.

Bonenkai Dec 2007 - 1

Bonenkai Dec 2007 - 4

Bonenkai Dec 2007 - 5

The venue as usual did not disappoint. The kitchens excelled themselves and there was plenty of both food and wine to go around. The 19th was unusually cold, and members were therefore unable to walk in the gardens.

Our bonenkai is usually held of Fridays, and it was feared that the date falling on a Wednesday would have deterred most. But of the 62 who had registered, only one failed to make it. A very good turnout indeed. Your rapporteur also noticed plenty of new faces of the younger generation, confirming the view that the Society's future is very much assured.

Bonenkai Dec 2007 - 3

What was the point of the raffle tickets? A spoof? Everyone who attended left with the same present: a bottle of wine. It was a slight surprise that most chose the white, ignoring the red, which is promoted in Japan as the healthier. Perhaps our members are not health conscious, or perhaps they just ignore popular trends. [Both (or should that be neither?), of course—Ed]

All in all, a good time was had by all. Your rapportuer looks forward to the next bonenkai.

Bonenkai Dec 2007 - 6

Bonenkai Dec 2007 - 2: Louis, the rapportuer, enjoying a drinkLouis, the rapportuer, enjoying a drink

Louis Nthenda, St Antony’s Oxford, 1964

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